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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday musing

First thought on reading Elephant Herd today, what an awesome asset we have in Chisago to have this watchdog on our side! Someone who makes time to read and dissect the local scene and give us the facts. Thanks EH, you do us proud!

On the other side, watching the morning news shows from cable to local makes me crazy on the national front. Mr. Seifert did get a second on the tube today, rightfully lambasting the floor for allowing sanctuary cities and cow towing to their political handlers. Gotta love it. We lost of course, but it does the heart good to hear someone call it like it is.

The Obamination was once again showing his teflon coating is barely chipped, with supporters telling us again that it is our fault that this mans close advisor espouses hatred of whites, America and whatever other vitriole he spouts from the pulpit: (from Fox News online). What is it about Americans that so willingly takes on the role playing of guilt or victim? Ayn Rand should be a must read in high school...Atlas Shrugged..

"This is an attack on the legacy of the African American Church which led and continues to lead the fight for human rights in America and around the world,” he said,( church leader) adding “The African American Church community continues to face bomb threats, death threats, and their ministers’ characters are assassinated because they teach and preach prophetic social concerns for social justice. Sunday is still the most segregated hour in America.”

Prophetic social concerns? Aids was created by whites to kill African Americans?

Michelle Obama has been rather quiet, after one of her last interviews included the statement that "she went through Harvard and graduated cum laude, all the time knowing her professors looked at her like she was black" (not an exact quote). Her thesis was on surveying black Princeton alumni on how they felt. (washington post) I am sorry, but I am tired of hearing that everyone plays the race card but the Obamas. They have been trained for 20 years by this pseudo minister to do just that. She graduated cum laude, how do you look at someone as if they are black, when they are black? Where is the inequality? Michelle claims that she 'came out of Princeton sharing goals of white classmates' how about just goals, do we demarcate everything by race? In income, (she made over $275,000 last year) I think not, housing...no, jobs? no...hmmmm..Oh, maybe if she does not get to be First Lady, someone will have withheld that from her..they could not possibly have lost it on their own.

The "voice of change" goes on and one about the power of words, than says they don't matter if the words reflect on him. Michelle accepts $50K plus from a Walmart supplier as a board member for 3 years, but her husband says he won't shop in the unionless stores. A racketeer supplies money for their home and their election, but this was just a 'slip of judgement', and the masses just keep on nodding. Just what you want, a president who has slips of judgement when it comes to morals, money and economics. Just what we want, a president who is as facile as an eel, no morals, no judgement, and willing to turn on all the people who have put him into his position as expendible...oh, that would be the electorate. They get sold out next.

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