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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just Spend More Tax Money

Here is an interesting interaction in the letters to the editor over at the Post Review. Bob Barrett wrote his letter which received a favorable comment in the addendum. Then Senator Olseen responded with his side-stepping letter. A reader took Senator Olseen to task in the comments section. Wade Vitalis also added his agreement with Olseen and disagreement with Barrett.

Barrett responded to Olseen on his diversionary tactic. Then Wade Vitalis addressed his comments to Barrett. Read the comment section for their further exchange where Barrett returns the discussion to his original proposition.

In all of this retort to Barrett, Barrett’s original question never was answered. That of course is typical of politicians and their support staff. In his first letter, Barrett stated two premises and drew a conclusion:
    1. the Minnesota Dems plan on “ . . . substantially increasing Minnesota state spending which will have to be paid for by raising taxes.”

    and 2. “ . . . [Olseen’s] Democratic colleagues have spent the last few months loudly complaining about how inefficient and wasteful current state spending is.”

    Then Barrett drew the simple conclusion in the form of a question, “Why would you give more money to someone who doesn’t take care of what they already have?”
Barrett proposed fiscal restraint to learn “ . . . to live without it in order to learn a more long lasting benefit of how to be more careful and responsible.”

Barrett boxed the Dems into a corner on their own statements and drew a logical conclusion that Olseen and Vitalis didn’t like. They love spending, but hate logic. Thanks Bob for being right on the money. You are logical and fiscally conservative!

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