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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

random thoughts on the convention

I have been a Republican all of my life, very unpopularly so as a young person in the 70s! Never outspoken in public, always willing to let the raving Democrats rant on about the woes of our country, caused of course by my party. My father-in-law still tells me that as an owner of local business, I should always shut up so as not to affect my liveliehood. I guess I still don't plan to put banners out that intimidate my customers, but neither do I plan to keep shutting up. I am tired of listening to this vocal minority drone on with their litany of socialistic drivel, most of which they have been spoon fed and never bothered to pursue beyond a headline or sound bite.

The past month has been a wake-up call for many residents of our county, and I hope country. We Republicans are a bunch of individualists; that might be part of our problem. It takes a lot to make us want to become a part of a herd...We believe that we make our own choices, we want government to stay out of our lives, we want to decide where our money goes, and we want to decide where our charity goes. It is our strength, but it has occasionally been our downfall..can you say Kalin?

The Democratic leadership knows that their followers are sheep. They want to be led, told what to do, and be taken care of...at a standard they believe is owed to them. By continuing to promise that they will be coddled, not need to think for themselves, and leave the details to others, they willingly give their power to their shepards. They recruit immigrants with the promise of a higher standard of living provided by me and you...we like giving our money away. Their leaders believe in the inferior intelligence of the masses, and total rightness that only they can make decisions for the 'children'. They are socialists.

Last night was invigorating, as were the caucuses. I joined an auditorium filled with newbies, and just enough veterans to keep us on task. Well, kind of...I have not seen 1:30 am in a very long time! Pete Nelson ticked off a list, which I will try to get, of the most insane bills currently on the floor. Marty Seifert had to leave to go back to help re-assign committee leadership after the resounding fireing of the turncoats in our own party. You could feel the energy and the change in the air! It is time to clean house, shore up the base principles of the party, and fight for them! I do believe a groundswell has begun, our very independent group of free thinkers is beginning to gel. We have been pushed too hard..we are awakening...it is time to take the nation our forefathers envisioned back! It is our birthright because our ancestors and our children have given their blood to make it so. Do not tell me that I should give it away freely and without a fight.

Last night, three incredible young adults were seated as delegates. They understand that it is their future being given away. They have been out trying to gain access to the higher public education that our country has been proud of. They are being shut out by the very nature of their ancestory, they are white, middle class Americans. The fact that there were only three is bad. They are afraid to talk out at school for fear of bad grades. Why should they be afraid, in the places we pay to educate them, to voice their opinions, their fears, without having guilt thrust down their throats for questioning? We had three kids, willing to come and sit all night to understand the process, to feel like this is the party that validates their intelligence, their values and their individualism. There should have been more, they need mentors. They need to know that they are not wrong to feel abandoned. After speaking to them after the convention, they did not feel welcomed...we need to change that immediately!

Republicans need to temporarily lose our lone wolf mentality. Right now we need each other to continue the group hug, (as abhorrent as it seems) and pull together to right the county, the state, and our nation. We need to nurture ourselves, our kids, and our standards. We need to reinforce the kids who are seeking answers and mobilize them into the patriots we need at home. The party needs to reach out to the younger members of our society, so where do we want to start?


Elephant Herd said...


It was great to see you last night at the GOP county convention and feel your excitement and passion.

Writing comes much easier when you have passion. Your passion shows in person and in writing! Keep it flowing because then your words flow. I am stirred by your post. Keep writing to stir others in our party.

Foster the passion. It is catchy. Who likes the drab? Who is interested in the dull and boring? Who is stirred by a passionless life?

Live life with a flair. Live life as a God-given cause for we shall give account of ourselves to him for what we did with the cause he gave us. Live it with zest and spread the fire to others.

Write not just to criticize and mock the libs (there is a place for that), but to educate and enlighten, to bring others to the truth, to embolden weak conservatives to grab hold of life and live it to its fullest, to stir the faint heart.

What is our cause? It is to live life in freedom and liberty before GOd. "Give me liberty or give me death!" must become our battle cry. We must force ourselves to realize we have long passed the point where Patrick Henry felt so enslaved that he demanded liberty. Keep freedom as your cause and you will not have any trouble writing with passion.

Picture yourself being enslaved one law at a time by the liberal cobra coiling around you. Mongoose, this is a fight to the death! Sic 'em!

Your friend,
Elephant Herd

Chisago Mama said...

I, too was at the convention. I felt the electicity. It is exciting to see the energy. The very energy we will need to defeat Jeremy Kalin.

I can't think of any more important task we face than to defeat "Taxing Jeremy."