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Monday, March 10, 2008

Let Me Help You

The do-gooders are at it again.

Kentucky Representative Tim Couch has introduced a bill to prohibit anonymous blogging. To the embarrassment of Republicans, this elected official has an "R" by his name.

He aims to stop online harassment and bullying. How will he do that? He aims to require all bloggers to register with the blog administrators and then fine the administrators if the bloggers violate the rules.

This is typical leftist thinking, making someone else accountable for the perpetrator’s sins. How does that change the behavior of the perpetrator? Why is that fair to the blog administrators? It never deals with the heart of the matter. Of course, do-gooders never deal with the heart of the issue. They just want everyone to get along and "we (by using others) will make you get along if we have to!"

Bullies never change their behavior by this approach. Bullies must be dealt a blow (physical or metaphysical) equal to or more powerful than the one they administered.

It also does not teach the downtrodden how to overcome harassment. In person, bullies harass certain people and not others. They know who will knuckle to their harassment. The downtrodden must be taught not to capitulate to it, but to retaliate by standing up for themselves. The bully might learn or move on to the next easy target.

If you are truly picked on, the bully does not respect you. You must earn the respect of the bully. Do that by exercising your freedom to knock the bully down a couple of notches. One well placed punch will frequently end the bully’s career in harassment. One or several stinging rebukes online will do far more to get the message across to the online bully than a do-gooder’s good-for-nothing law. Capitulation is not an option because you will be capitulating the rest of your life to bullies.

On another note, some bullies love to play the victim. They have an endless supply of victim cards in their wallet. But that’s for another blog.

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