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Monday, March 24, 2008

Kalin on Sanctuary Cities

Minneapolis and St. Paul have adopted ordinances prohibiting their police officers from inquiring about the citizenship status of people detained for violations of the law. Thus these two cities are safe harbors for aliens in Minnesota illegally.

Representative Marty Seifert (R-Marshall) thought something should be done about this. He offered an amendment to a bill that would have reduced local government aid (LGA) to such cities and distributed that to the rest of the cities in Minnesota.

Seifert's amendment failed 66-67, with DFLers keeping the voting board open and urging their members to vote against the measure. All of Seifert’s fellow Republicans voted for the amendment, while all votes in opposition were DFLers. Seifert was able to persuade 18 DFLers to vote with him, but it wasn't enough.

Rep. Jeremy Kalin (D-17B) voted once again in lockstep with the DFL. That’s right—his yes vote would have passed this amendment. Instead of voting for those whom he was elected to represent in Chisago County, he voted for illegal immigrants (or as Chris Baker from KTLK rightly calls them, criminal aliens) in the Twin Cities. He voted against Chisago County cities receiving the redistributed LGA. Imagine a liberal turning down cash for his own district!

Check this out in the House Journal for March 3, 2008. Look at pages 8058-59 and 8094-95.

And then HF 3010, which would prohibit the enforcement of sanctuary cities laws such as Minneapolis and St. Paul have, was tabled by a 67-66 vote. Again Kalin’s vote prohibited debate and a vote on this bill.

Check this out in the House Journal for March 13, 2008. Look at pages 8750-51. Also look here.

It takes a lot of chutzpah to flaunt the immigration laws of the USA right from Chisago County. I think we need to ship Kalin to Mexico without a passport so he learns firsthand what a criminal alien is.

You can squawk to Kalin about his miserable failure by sending him an e-mail here.

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