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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Democrats for Chavez

The Democrats continue their unabashed attack on the citizens they laughingly claim to 'protect'. While still patting themselves on the back for pulling the wool over in Minnesota and passing the new gas tax, Pelosi and friends are getting ready to quietly pull off another coup, HR5351, for their good buddy Chavez. I am sure that the off shore accounts have been set up by now for rewarding them for 18 billion dollars in new taxes for his hated Americans, and the exempt status they have offerred his oil company. How easy it is to fleece the sheep who never bother to read or examine what their leaders are truly doing, but instead listen to all the pie in the sky lies and promises that seem to flow like honey to their sound bite mentality. If you can read this, thank a parent, a homeschooler or someone who cared that the dumbing down of America is a constant goal that socialists strive for daily. Become active, they are. The great "Silent Majority" needs to find its' voice again, before it is too late. Type in HR5351 in your browser, read and share.

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