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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Add still another three cents to every gallon of gas you pump at every gasoline station in Minnesota starting tomorrow!!

We read a letter to the editor the other day, in one of the local papers, probably the (Cambridge) Star, but I do not recall for sure which paper it was. The letter was signed by a person one might describe as just another "tax happy Democrat" who stated, in so many words, that she was not bothered by such additional taxes for gasoline and that, in fact, she would essentially welcome more taxes!

What is it with you Liberals/Democrats that you love to dish out the dough when it comes as a result of DFL legislation raising taxes?

You raised cain to high heaven when you snickered about Pawlenty's use of the word "fee" (on cigarettes remember?) and you were absolutely righteously right that a "fee" was just another word for a "tax" and that fees (deemed "taxes" by Democrats) were just a horrible thing.

But then comes this added transportation tax burden of three cents more per gallon supported enthusiasticaly by - by - by - oh, yah, enthusiastically supported by Jeremy Kalin who is running for re-election and by Rick Olseen.

Golly, I wish they would have called it a "fee" then you Democrats would have been mad as hornets because, as you know, "fees" are bad but "taxes" are good.

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