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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Monkey Is On Your Back!

Out of the November 4th general election only one will win - either Jeremy Kalin or Don Taylor. Kalin has had his chance and failed us miserably.

Think of how Kalin has failed you and the other voters of this District the next time you pump forty or fifty dollars into your gas tank on your way to your work - thanks in no small part to Jeremy Kalin.

Think how Jeremy Kalin has failed the voters of this District (this STATE!) because he gladly signed on to the flawed Transportation bill which passed with Jeremy's help in the last legislative Session.

And Jeremy is ready and quite willing to tax you more next time if he gets another chance! The next election is a "pocket-book" event and the outcome rests with the monkey that is on your back.

When these thoughts enter your mind that's when you need to think, too, of the power you have in your hands when you vote on November 4th. Go for it!

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