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Monday, September 22, 2008


If you are a Democrat and plan to vote for Obama here are some things you will be supporting or opposing - no matter what your personal views are - because this is what candidate Obama* supports or opposes.

OBAMA OPPOSES: Federal Protection of Traditional Marriage.

OBAMA OPPOSES: State Constitutional Amendment that Protects Traditional Marriage.

OBAMA SUPPORTS: Teaching of Homosexuality in Public Schools.

OBAMA OPPOSES: Protecting Infants Born Alive as a Result of Botched Abortion.

OBAMA OPPOSES: Private Handgun Ownership.

OBAMA OPPOSES: Reducing U. S. Dependence on Foreign Oil.

*source: AFA 2008 Presidential Race Voter Guide - wwwAFA.net


MisterC said...

The sad thing is, whilst these items are contrary to what many "mainstream" Democrat voters would support; these are COMPLETELY in line with what the core DFL Activists want. It's a radical bunch those Democrat Party Activists - and they are the group which selects their Presidential Candidate. Thus, they got "The One".

freedomwriter said...

In support of your comment, misterc, take a look at the Democrat Party and what they are doing (or at least proposing at this point) with regard to Senator Lieberman. According to the political philosophy under which Senator Lieberman is burdened one is not privileged to enjoy freedom of thought; one must be a slave of the Party. There is another country of recent recollection that disallows free speech and free expression and we certainly don't want to emulate that.

Anonymous said...

Why does your list use as your source another pro-right web site? Read a little. Do your own research. Find out who McCain was married to while he courted the now Mrs. McCain. Find out what fellow Reagan Republicans and Ross Perot thought of his behavior during the 1980's and what they think of him now. McCain wasn't a young immature man then. Just a completely immoral one.