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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Citizens of the world...

“We are citizen’s of the world” Senator Obama told thousands of Germans during his rock star tour across the Middle East and Europe. If the junior Senator for Illinois becomes our next president, the Global Poverty Act (S. 2433) he has sponsored will almost certainly become law shortly after his inauguration. Senator Obama’s Marxist leanings are becoming more evident every day.

Senator Obama’s Global Poverty act offers us a global socialist destiny that we do not want nor can we afford. While eliminating poverty and insuring that every child has food, shelter and water is obviously a worthy goal, the proposal makes no mention of spreading democracy, promoting capitalism or ridding these impoverished countries of the very dictators that fight to keep the poor in their place as they see it.

Obama’s plans for the world do not fall far from the plans he has for us as a country should he be elected to the highest office in the land. The reorganization of wealth and resources he is promoting on a global level will begin here. The redistribution of wealth through taxes has become the liberal mantra in this country. An Obama administration will reinstate the death tax, raise the capital gains tax to levels never seen, push the federal income tax rates to record highs and on top of all of this, he will contract our country with the United Nations to siphon off as much American wealth and prosperity as he can under the guise of ridding the world of global poverty.

An Obama administration will be a giant step towards socialism in our country and threaten the very ideals that our country was founded on. Liberals have been preaching that we should feel guilty for our wealth when there are starving children on this planet. They would take food from my table and give it to others without the slightest thought. Obama’s socialist intent for the world will certainly begin here in these United States should he become president.

Iraq is rapidly becoming a classic example of how world poverty should be addressed. Evil dictators like Saddam should be deposed and hung, and these newly freed countries should be propped up and taught democracy and capitalism so they can lead their own countries out of poverty. Remember, give someone hungry a fish and they eat for a day, teach them how to fish and they will eat for a lifetime. This philosophy also works quite well for democracy. Socialism does not work, democracy does. God Bless.

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