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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Heartland..Random thoughts on a drive

I drove my daughter back to college across the heart of Minnesota farmland today. The incredible beauty of the farmland, swaying wheat setting off the beans, hayfields gone yellow. A lot of driving across this quietly beating heart of our country. Random thought: this is a place Obama will never understand. These are the people who are expected to be the donors for his economic largesse. The occasional Obamination sign springs up, fewer here than in the college town I just left..my daughter has been warned not to admit her political inclinations on the campus after careful grilling by a concerned student was shocked by her "freshman" honesty of blurting out " I'm Republican". Only after explaining its the economy dummy, was she allowed to have a marginal reprimand, but warned that there are only 4 of you here, and it might not be safe. You are nice, so be quiet.

I admit to becoming irrate with a neighbor who has voted socialist, whoops, democratic, all her life. When showed what her shining knights capital gains will do to her plans to downsize, she almost fell off her chair. She never questioned straying from the party from college years on. Apparently the indoctrination from school years on is so insidious, even intelligent people are missing it.

My beautiful daughter asked why schools are so entrenched in the welfare state mentality. She has read Rich Dad Poor Dad...a great read for high school kids and up...I reminded her that the authors dad is a professor. These people never leave the womb, safe and warm from kindegarten, attached to the breast that continues to feed them just enough to keep them latched on into their not quite comfortable golden years. Secure in the knowledge that they will be taken care of, maybe not richly, but comfortably...just enough to chafe at their own inadequacy at moving on, surrounded by the kids they hope will emulate them. Of course they are democrats, they have been entrenched in the socialist way of life, for life.

It was very funny to see the light go on, as she said the only professor she has ever heard admit he was a Republican, worked full time for a major corporation, before coming to teaching part time in a subject he loved. He was so disgusted with the hierarchy and political correctness that he is most likely gone by now. The left, party of compassion, heart and largesse, shows not tolerance for opposition. The feeding frenzy is immediate and intense.

She is one of the hopes for our national future. She is sickened by this election process, the name calling, no facts, sound bites but no true positions. She is young, and sees the hollowness of the born and groomed icon of the socialist party..but she also is upset that our party does not just stick to the issues..The name calling, the sound bites..she would like to see us act like the grown ups and take the high road, give the facts...show that someone can actually walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

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Anonymous said...

I live in the fields you drove through - if they are in Chisago county, and I am an Obama supporter. He understands me. He understands my disgust that a Republican president and Republican administration would present one lie-filled side to support a war where my children are expected to die. Republicans used to stand for fiscal and international conservatism. I voted with them then. Obama understands my disappointment at taking our focus off of Afghanistan. He understands my wrath that a vice-president would 'out' an undercover CIA operative, and get away with it by claiming more power than the Constitution gave him. He understands me. He understands my repulsion at no-bid contracts. He understands my anger (yes, Franken, for whom I may not vote, is allowed to be angry) at having an upper-class tax cut during war time. He gets it. He understands my hope that we can perform as a role model once again in the world as a whole. He understands that strength and courage is looking your enemy in the eye and telling them you will destroy them unless they shape up, rather than sending kids over to die while you cut brush on your ranch, too busy or unsure of yourself to meet with people with whom you disagree. I have a flag pole in my front yard, a deer stand out back, drive an SUV (a big one), home schooled my kids until middle school and my gun safe is loaded. And by the way, I let my kids read whatever they want, and arrive at their own conclusions. I don't teach them to be Republicans or Democrats. I have taught them to think critically.