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Sunday, September 28, 2008


From a distinguished former State Representative, Phil Krinkie, a veteran of sixteen years in the Minnesota House we hear words of shock and dismay and unbelief as Rep. Krinkie points out the absolutely unsatisfiable appetite of the liberal (DFL) members of the Minnesota legislature who continually hunger for more money under the cry "It's Not Enough!"

Put on your thinking cap and absorb the wisdom of these words taken from a portion of a recent release from the office of the Minnesota Taxpayers League.

Quote: "I was shocked while watching the news last week when I saw former State Representative Matt Entenza holding a news conference, standing next to a highway bridge with the claim that the State Transportation Department doesn't have enough money to fix our bridges.

My first thought was that this was old file footage from last year, when the debate was raging over raising the gas tax. But no, to my amazement this was Matt Entenza last week standing in front of a bridge saying that even after the $6.6 billion tax increase for transportation. 'It still wasn't enough.' Just last February the legislature increased the gas tax, the sales tax and auto license taxes to the tune of $6.6 billion over the next ten years.

Despite an influx of billions of dollars for road and bridge construction from the legislature's override of Governor Pawlenty's veto of a massive transportation funding bill, Mr. Entenze and his liberal (DFL) cronies** don't think it's enough. They believe taxpayers should fork over another $2 billion a year for transportation. (end of quoted Rep. Krinkie comments)

** Representative Jeremy Kalin and Senator Rick Olseen joyfully joined in with their Liberal (DFL) colleagues and proudly voted for this massive tax grab. If your purse or billfold can tolerate it "don't worry - be happy" but most peoples' pocketbooks and checkbooks are emptying fast. There has got to be enough people in this District to see to it that a new Representative who will be on the taxpayer's side retires Jeremy Kalin. He's too expensive for us to keep!

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