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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Double Standard.....

I would like to know why the liberal left has a problem with Governor (and soon to be V.P.) Palin as a working Mom. This has been one of their most treasured claims (and a rightful claim) over the past, since the sixties actually, that every woman should be able to achieve the same goals as men in the workplace. But now that it is not their candidate carrying this torch, she is suddenly decried as a less than adequate mother who is not putting her family first. The hypocrisy is typical of the left it is the belief of this writer that most liberals with a brain are truly afraid that the addition of Governor Palin to this ticket is that exact formula that will defeat Obama’s quest to become President of the United States.

The liberal left and the liberal press (one and the same in many cases) fail to give the majority of Americans the credit they are due on this issue. Most common sense thinking American voters recognize the double standard being used and do not approve.

Does the left wing and the press really believe that Sarah Palin is less of a parent because she works full time and has been asked to work in one of the highest positions in our country? How does this make her less of a parent that Barack Obama? He has been campaigning for almost three years, traveling the country, one town after another, stumping and posturing that he is the candidate for change and seeks the office of the president. Yet no one in the press has questioned his ability to be a parent to his young children. The double standard is obvious and clear.

What is most comical to this writer is that the kool-aid drinkers of the far left buy this argument hook, line and sinker. They are helping the Obama campaign glue the cracks in that glass ceiling back together as fast as they can with. The truly intelligent democrats (and there are many) will have no choice other than to analyze the actual facts involved in this election and cast their votes for the most qualified and best team to lead our country forward into the future. That team is McCain and Palin and I am proud to say that I am very excited about the future of our country with this team at the helm.

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