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Friday, September 26, 2008

Political Truth With Humor

Tennessee Republican Party Bumper Sticker:

"YOUR WALLET - the only place Democrats want to drill."


Anonymous said...

Since Don Taylor is only half way through his mayor position who will be paying for the special election (if he wins). Will Mr. Taylor screw the tax payer of Chisago City? If Mr. Taylor does something like this I would assume we can call him a career politician? Skipping from one job to another before the job is done. I would think Republicans would be outraged!! What is the true cost of a special election? I think Don should find out and tell the public.

freedomwriter said...

The issues that concern you resolve themselves in the fact that we simply cannot afford, fiscally, to let Jeremy Kalin serve another term in the legislature.
Jeremy Kalin has not shown a shred of evidence of fiscal constraint in the two years he has been in the Minnesota House.
People in this District and around the state are literally being taxed out of the their homes and businesses. In spite of that fact, Jeremy Kalin goes on his merry way supporting such legislation as the infamous Transportation Bill with the consequence that you and all other drivers are, and will be, paying more money directly out of your billfold.
As to your concern that Don Taylor is "only half way through his mayor position" and your charge that he is "skipping from one job to another before the job is done"; it is not a virtue to sit "like a lump on the log" with no aspirations to higher service and achievement.
From time immemorial people have risen to accept positions of higher responsibilities and service.
As a matter of fact it just might be that Mr. Kalin might inspire you - after all he was sitting in a modest shop moulding clay when he saw an opportunity for a higher paying job - probably pulling down more money now than ever before in his life - would you now uncharitably scold him for leaving the potter's wheel before he had molded all his clay?
If you like to be represented by someone who is generous with taxpayers money, that is, your money please support Mr. Kalin vigorously!
I am not looking for someone who will raid my billfold through taxation and tell me he has done me a charitable favor.
This is why I commend to the voters of District 17b Mr. Don Taylor, current mayor of Chisago City, and soon to be Representative-elect Don Taylor in the Minnesota legislature.