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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DFL (Kalin) Tax Increase or A November 4th Surprise!

Quibble it if you will and if you want to fight facts - but here's what you face as you go to the ballot on November 4th - thanks to that nice, well-groomed, friendly State Representative named Jeremy Kalin who tells you he always "puts people before politics."

The "facts" are contained in an information piece produced by the "NO CONSTITUTIONAL TAX INCREASE COMMITTEE" - a "grassroots organization committed to you, the taxpayer . . . ." (http://www.nosalestaxincrease.org/)

Here's what that Committee shares with you: "Why is the Constitution being amended to increase taxes? The tax increase on the ballot didn't start out as a tax increase at all.

Initially the idea was to dedicate a portion of the existing sales tax to environmental conservation programs only.

But that plan proved unpopular with liberal (DFL) legislators who didn't want to divert current sales tax revenue to rural envronmental programs.

So instead they are asking voters to increase the state's sales tax by an additional 3/8 of a percent . . . . . ."

"It doesn't sound like much, but 3/8 of a percent on top of one of the highest sales tax rates in the country (6.5%) is projected to increase tax revenue by over $275 million per year. Over 25 years that's over $11 billion total."

Ask Representative Jeremy Kalin how he voted on that one.

And then, as always, check Jeremy's voting record! It pays, you know, to follow the advice contained in Ronald Reagan's famous comment: "Trust but verify!"

See if Jeremy "Put People Before Politics" on this one!" Unless, of course, you are like some DFLers, including some locals, who have money burning in their pocketbooks and who think they aren't already taxed enough and want to add to the State's coffers!

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