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Friday, September 05, 2008

I just don't get it.....

One of my very closest friends is a liberal. A dyed in the wool labor party liberal. I don’t have a problem with his opposing views and I actually love to hear them. I believe it is important to hear all sides of an argument and often the viewpoints of polar opposites have valid arguments.

My friend considers himself to be a proud American and a dedicated citizen of our country and that I would not argue nor would I question. One of the things that I am finding hardest to understand is the blind ignorance regarding this election. My friend (who is also a devoted catholic, very strange considering his views on abortion but that is another topic for another day!) makes the it very clear that he would vote for Satan himself as long it was a vote cast in favor of a democrat and not a republican.

This ignorance of the obvious has me perplexed. I fail to understand how lower taxes, less government, preserving social security, maintaining our position as the world’s only superpower, and making the country a better and safer place for the next generation fails to resonate with all Americans, democrats and republicans alike.

These hollow claims of ‘change’ from the Obama campaign are based on absolutely no prior experience to back them up. Senator Obama has been very careful while in the senate to leave no paper trail or voting record in his path. The fact that the senator voted ‘ present’ on nearly every vote cast indicates that his ability make a decision on a subject of matter is highly suspect.

John McCain has proven himself in every arena to be of the moral character that makes great leaders. He will truly serve his country (us) with the best of intentions and with a mind to preserve what our founding fathers sought to perfect and preserve those long years ago. The United States is the greatest country on this planet and John McCain will be the leader we can all count on to clean things up in Washington.

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