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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Do Not Give Up


We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed;
perplexed, but not in despair;
annoyed, but not annulled;
struck down, but not destroyed.

Fight the good fight!


Anonymous said...

I noticed that since the Lib's got their way in the election, they have stopped visiting the GOP blog. I miss their narrow minded opinions of everything from hating Bush, to abhoring all Republicans. Amazing what spoiled brats they are, or are now ashamed of what they voted in? Hmmm!

FOWFB said...

Wow. You refer to Liberals as spoiled brats and then talk about their "their narrow minded opinions of everything from hating Bush, to abhoring all Republicans." Perhaps you cannot see that painting all liberal minded people as spoiled brats is showing your own narrow mindedness? 'Hmmm!' usually indicates thought. Perhaps in your case you were just humming a tune.
I am a Liberal. I am for gun ownership, even if it is mandatory per household. I am for mandatory loss of reproductive rights after repeated welfare reliance, or if pregnancy occurs while a welfare recipient. I am against all economic subsidies for every industry. I am for capitol punishment, and believe that if a victim would have been justified using deadly force against an assailant while the crime is being committed (such as in an armed robbery, rape or violent physical attack), then the punishment upon conviction should be death. I am a Liberal Independent American, who is brave enough to think outside the box. I voted for Obama, who holds none of the opinions I just gave as far as I know, but with whom I agree on many other issues, and who thinks and acts according to reason, not hate and emotion. While Republicans continue to put forward as candidates thinly disguised xenophobes appealing to like-minded people, they will continue to lose. I would have voted Republican if I could have found one with a brain that s/he wasn't trying to suppress in order to appeal to a certain constituency.

Anonymous said...

I think FOWFB is a republican that has been brain washed to think he is a Lib. Too bad you can't think for yourself. Maybe next election you will have mutured enough to know what and who you are and vote the way you feel. Republican. I feel sorry for you. Conservatism comes with muturity. You will grow up.