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Friday, November 07, 2008

Thank Kalin

A gallon of gasoline is commonly $1.999 today. The price has dropped below the $2.10 per gallon that was a benchmark before the dramatic spike in prices this last year.

It's great to see the price below the $2.00 mark. But the next time you fill up, look at the $1.999 per gallon price and realize it would have been $1.944 if Kalin and his pals had not dipped their hands into your wallet. Because they raised the gas tax 5½¢ per gallon, the price of gasoline is now $1.999 rather than $1.944.

While you are forced to feed the pig, government refuses to go on a diet.

It is $1.999

think $1.944


Update 11/23/08

Gas is now $1.599

think $1.544


Update 12/06/08

Gas is now $1.499

think $1.444


Anonymous said...

Obviously the voters of Chisago County agree with you?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it really sucks having to pay for things like collapsing bridges and crumbling roads. We should just let those all the roads and bridges take care of themselves. Stupid liberals anyway...

Anonymous said...

Hey you liberal jerks! Remember when Rudy Perpichtraitor was filling in for Governor and he put a gas tax on to fix all the roads and bridges,? Well where did that money go you liberal spinners? Or do you have selective memories like all libs have? Think before you speak, I know Libs can't do it but try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!