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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Time to rebuild...

Many of us saw this coming, as republicans we compromised our values in picking candidates that we thought would appease the many in place of candidates that stood for true conservative values. This landslide was inevitable, I’m not so sure that we (conservatives) stood a chance to win regardless of who ended up in the white house. It may have been worse for us if it had gone the other way. As a veteran and as a patriot, I stood behind Senator McCain once he became the candidate. There is little doubt that he has served our country with honor and has given more than most will ever give. He is a good man and I am hoping that this experience may have put him back in touch with some of the true conservative values that he seemed to have drifted away from over time.

That said, we now begin to rebuild. Where do we look for the leadership within the conservative Republican Party? Do we look for moderates such as Governor Pawlenty or do we swing the pendulum to the far right wing and embrace those who claim to be Republicans but are more Libertarian at heart?

I think that this is the perfect opportunity to rebuild our party, evaluate our platform, set the base and regroup. There have bee too many compromises to the base of our platform thanks to many who thought it best to move to the ‘center’ in order to gain or maintain seats and positions within the various elective offices.

As Ronald Reagan advised many years ago, we need to begin at the local level. I believe that we need to begin at the grass roots and start from scratch. Does our platform truly represent our values and positions? Lower taxes, responsible spending, accountability, and family values, do these sound familiar? I know that the ‘national’ platform has become convoluted by special interest and it will be nearly impossible to repair from the top. Our platform needs to be streamlined at the local level, build it again from the bottom up using the conservative Republican values and ideas that built the party of Reagan.

We have our work cut out for us…..

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