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Friday, November 07, 2008

DFL Hypocrisy

The DFL attacked our Republican candidate as someone who would be kept in line by the party bosses (see here, here and here) as if Kalin would never vote the party line.

Of course a Democrat would never vote the party line, never parrot the party talking points, be influenced by lobbyists or be strong-armed by party bosses. It’s also true a Democrat never exercises the freedom of the Override Six, but lives vicariously through those Rogues.

Why certainly a Democrat who has voted the majority of the time with the party would never be told to toe the mark. Majority Leader, Senator Reid, was just having a friendly chat with Senator Lieberman, the Independent. Of course this doesn't have any equivalency to the claims made by Kalin's pals.


News flash: Senator Reid strong-arms Senator Lieberman

Read all about it here! According to Kalin’s Minnesota pals, Democrats never do such a thing.

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