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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gas Tax Kalin

Anonymous took Freedomwriter to task for giving Rep. Kalin the nickname of Gas Tax Kalin.

Anonymous identifies it as a ". . . name-calling, negative attack approach. . ."

Anonymous Democrat, you should talk to the DFL party leadership about their name-calling, negative attacks, identifying Don Taylor as a hand-picked parrot, a hand-picked blind party loyalist, and a stooge of lobbyists.

Anonymous may have just crawled out from under a rock and is thus not aware of these previous blog posts implicating the DFLers in the very thing for which he condemns Freedomwriter.

Then again, perhaps Anonymous just can’t recognize a ". . . name-calling, negative attack approach. . ." when it is bloviated by Democrats, but only when it is well-articulated by Republicans.

In addition, Anonymous has an excess of chutzpah to condemn Republicans for what the Democrats continually practice. In other words, the playing field is not level, Republicans must play by the rules—rules made by the Democrats for the Republicans to follow but not themselves.

Indeed! How embarrassing (for Anonymous)!

When you get the DFL party leadership to retract, with apology, its demeaning of Don Taylor, then we will stop using Gas Tax Kalin as a nickname. Fair enough? We just made a rule to level the playing field.

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