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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Named GOP VP

In a wise move that, aside from easing a lot of conservative concerns, also makes good sense, Presidential nominee John McCain has chosen Alaska Governer Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Palin is a first-term governor and a 44 year old mother of five from Wasilla, Alaska. She is strongly pro-life and also fiscally conservative. While the Obama camp is already playing down her role and her importance, and liberal bloggers have taken the charge to post repeatedly on the internet that "McCain thinks women are stupid enough to vote for him just cuz he picks a woman", many educated conservatives understand that the Republican party has repeatedly proven to be the party of fairness, the party of equality, and the party of rights. The difference between the GOP and the Democratic party is that we understand that there are actually women and minorities that have the experience to top a party ticket. Our biggest crime, in their eyes, is not selling people of any gender, economic, or racial class short. Gov Sarah Palin will make a fine VP next January and a fine first woman President in the future.

For more info check out any news page on the internet or tv, or go to www.foxnews.com or www.abcnews.com.

(and while you're at the abcnews page, don't forget to watch the video of the police in Denver shoving the ABC reporter through traffic across the street while manhandling him. Freedom of the press? Not if you're filming lobbyists and corporate interests at a Democratic convention)

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