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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Representative Jeremy Kalin has morphed into a political "bawl-baby" who cries out in the media with letters-to-the-editor alleging that he is the victim of "personal attack" yet he does not cite valid specific substantiation of his "victimhood" while he tries to use the dodge as a clever device to "shame" people for having the temerity to disagree in the media with his votes and viewpoints. I cite Kalin's letter in the ECM Post Review for Wednesday, August 13, 2008.

In short, if you disagree with Jeremy Kalin he claims you indulge in "personal attack." Nice try Jeremy Kalin but that is a bunch of baloney! There is a world of difference between "personal attack" and "vigorous disagreement" with your political viewpoints, votes and ideas. And you know it! And we know it! And we will not be silenced when you are wrong!


Anonymous said...

I am sure that most of the public would consider referring to individuals as kooks because you disagree with their policies as personal attacks. Your page is full of what amounts to personal attacks with a dash of policy debate.

Is it a coincidence that the same rhetoric found here on your website is not the same as the letters written in the public debate or could it be that the public would not agree?

Anonymous said...

Seems like the Forest Lake Times editor disagrees with you, "FreedomWriter", in printing Kalin's response:

"(EDITOR’S NOTE: Under normal circumstances, the newspaper’s policy does not allow candidate letters during campaigns. An exception is being made in this case because of the personal nature of the criticism of Kalin’s voting record.)"

Anonymous said...

Democrats are notorious for not being able to take the heat, but not leaving the kitchen. Kalin's rants in the newspapers are personal attacks!! Personal against a person who just disagrees with his position on taxing. Jeremy needs to be a man and stand up for what he believes in, not how much he is hurt. Crying never got anyone any votes. Come to think of it neither did over taxing the population.