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Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama camp cries 'foul!'

Well it didn’t take long for the Obama camp to begin yelling ‘foul’ after the ‘Civil Forum on the Presidency’ concluded Saturday evening. NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell reported on air yesterday that some aides of Obama thought that McCain might have been able to listen to Obama and Reverend Warren during the first half of the forum, explaining why he outperformed Obama at the forum.

This is the typical behavior of the left wing. The Clintons had that ‘Right Wing Conspiracy’ theory of theirs that they liked to blame for all of Bill’s ‘shortcomings.’ Now the Obama camp cries foul when their candidate fails to perform even close to the level expected during the forum. ‘He (McCain) must have had a television or something in that room’ was the claim.

It was later discovered that John McCain was not even yet in the building and was in fact still on his way to the forum in his motorcade during the first half.

The long and short of it is this; John McCain was clear, decisive, and on point regarding every issue brought by Pastor Warren. There was little indecision from Senator McCain, he drew from his experience as a leader to answer each and every question with conviction and passion.

Senator Obama answered the questions with ramblings like someone unfamiliar with normal conversation. There were many instances when Obama was clearly uncomfortable with the question asked by Reverend Warren, his answers were vague and he actually avoided directly answering several. It was very clear that if Obama does not have time to rehearse his speech or answers in advance, he rattles on as best he can with little confidence.

This forum was great and if you didn’t get a chance to view it, I encourage you to find it on the internet and enjoy.

Once you see it, you will have little problem deciding who you want leading this country. John McCain is someone who will stand up for democracy on the world stage and will not allow allies like the Republic of Georgia to be bullied by the likes of Russia.

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