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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Does This Make His Followers "Airheads?"

B Obama "blows" into town to inform us of his "energy policy" which consists of "adding air to our tires!"

Come to think of it, hot air does make things rise so after that "uplifting" message Obama's gas guzzling entourage zooms him away with several million dollars gathered, we assume with tongue in cheek, from the local "little guys" who have always been the object of DFL concern!

But, sadly, the old saying still applies: "A fool and his money are soon parted." And that saying is valid in this instance too for you, my DFL friend, have been played for "the fool" and Obama has "parted" you from your money!

LESSON TO BE LEARNED? A smart person changes his mind - a fool never!!

On the local legislative level you have choices to make too - "hot air" promises made by campaigning officeholders will try to fool you into letting the same bee sting you twice!"

1 comment:

Mable said...

You GOP clowns are a joke. Don't you see the rest of the world laughing at your failed polices? We need to join the world, not hate it. Wake up! oh, and another thing, to think Chisago County is GOP county is another gay republican pipe dream.