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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Representative Kalin is a fiscal conservative - NOT!!

Representative Jeremy Kalin (and of the same political-DNA is Senator Rick Olseen) has told the people that he is a "fiscal conservative." Kalin has said that in print - we are not putting words in Kalin's mouth.

But the facts clearly are otherwise!

We turn to the TAXPAYERS LEAGUE*, a known fiscal conservative organization, which has named the "2007 Best Friends of the Taxpayer" and listed alphabetically they are:

Rep. Bruce Anderson (19A)
Rep. Mark Buesgens (35B)
Rep. Chris DeLaForest (49A)
Rep. Tom Emmer (19B)
Rep. MaryLiz Holberg (36A)
Rep. Paul Kohls (34A)
Rep. Mark Olson (16B)
Rep. Ron Shimanski (18A)
Rep. Kurt Zellers (32B)

Based on their taxpayer-friendly votes the above nine persons in the Minnesota House of Representatives - received a rating of 100 per cent.

Based on exactly the same criteria (the record of his votes on the same issues as the above Representatives were judged and rated) guess what score our "fiscal conservative" Representative Jeremy Kalin received: A FLAT OUT ZERO! (Incidentally Olseen received a zero rating on the Senate issues that he voted on as listed by the Taxpayers League).

The moment of truth has arrived dear citizens of this legislative District. Is it Representative Jeremy Kalin's voice (that which he tells you) or his vote (that he casts in the Capitol) that is telling the truth?

*The above information is from a current publication of the Taxpayers League, which see.

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