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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Legislators No Longer Representatives of the People - Rather They Are the Hired Hands of the Bureaucrats

It may come as a surprise to the naive and innocent but State legislators, in large part, are not truly the representatives of the people any more!

Rather, legislators have become in effect and to a large extent, in fact, the "hired hands" of the permanent bureaucracy or the "special interest" monied groups.

The only things that "save" the people (that's you and me - the voters back home) are the honesty and integrity and sound judgment of the ones we "elect" to serve us in the legislature. And that is what makes our election choices so important!

The bureaucrats who, through the security of the civil service system or organizational dues have their jobs permanently, "use" ("buy" might be an even more accurate word) the elected legislators this way: The bureaucrats or agents of organizations - literally in many cases -hand to the legislators the legislation the bureaucrats want passed and the legislators stick their names on the Bills and call themselves the Chief Author or Co-Author of a particular Bill.

Further, the bureaucrats make themselves available to offer testimony at hearings or actually provide the legislators the testimony they want the legislator to use in committee meetings, hearings and floor debate. That way the bureaucrats get what the bureaucrats want and the legislator gets the credit in news releases for "back home" consumption!

Legislators who do the bidding of their "bosses" receive bureaucratic or organization support. Those who don't, get neither funding nor support and encounter vigorous organizational opposition at the next election.

Want to know who your Representative (or Senator) really represents? Follow his funding. It is a matter of public record.

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