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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Democrats for years and years have told the people - the public - that the DFL Party is for "the 'little guy'!" And of course most everyone humbly thinks that he, himself, fits that mythical "little guy" mold so the campaign slogan has served the DFL well for decades.

But that "myth" certainly doesn't fit the "mold" in the matter of protection-of-life issues. Here is the response record of Minnesota DFL incumbent legislators seeking reelection as they responded to a Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life survey* concerning the least among us - the truly "little guys" - the unborn infants!

Folks, they don't get any "littler" than pre-born "little guys!" and here - legislative District by legislative District - is the DFL legislators' response in those districts to the survey. With "friends" like these DFL legislators "little guys" don't need enemies! The record speaks:

District 1b - NO RESPONSE
2a - NR
2b - NR
3a - NR
3b - NR
4a - NR
4b - NR
5a - NR
5b - NR
7a - NR
7b - NR
8a - NR
8b - NR
9a - NR
10b - NR
12b - NR
15a - NR
16a - NR
17a - NR
18a - NR
18b - NR
19a - NR
19b - NR
20a - NR
21a - NR
23a - NR
23b - NR
24a - NR
24b - NR
25b - NR
26a - NR
27a - NR
27b - NR
28a - NR
28b - NR
29a - NR
29b - NR
30a - NR
30b - NR
31b - NR
32a - NR
32b - NR
33a - NR
33b - NR
34a - NR
34b - NR
35a - NR
35b - NR
36a - NR
36b - NR
37a - NR
37b - NR
38a - NR
38b - NR
39a - NR
39b - NR
40a - NR
40b - NR
41a - NR
41b - NR
42a - NR
42b - NR
43a - NR
43b - NR
44a - NR
44b - NR
45a - NR
45b - NR
46a - NR
46b - NR
47a - NR
47b - NR
48a - NR
48b - NR
49a - NR
49b - NR
50a - NR
50b - NR
51a - NR
51b - NR
52a - NR
52b - NR
53a - NR
53b - NR
54a - NR
54b - NR
55a - NR
55b - NR
56a - NR
56b - NR
57a - NR
57b - NR
58a - NR
58b - NR
59a - NR
59b - NR
60a - NR
60b - NR
61a - NR
62a - NR
62b - NR
63a - NR
63b - NR
64a - NR
64b - NR
65a - NR
65b - NR
66a - NR
66b - NR
67a - NR
67b - NR

* Source: MCCL NEWS - August-September 2008; pp. 5,6,7

** Clearly, clearly, CLEARLY Rep. Kalin has put POLITICS BEFORE PEOPLE on this one. If you can't trust his judgment and veracity here (fill in your own words).

NR = NO RESPONSE - which, by reasonable interpretation, means that the legislator wishes to keep the constituency confused or in the dark about the legislator's real views upon the subject.

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JayneBrownback said...

Jeremy Kalin has evaded MCCL’s Candidate Questionnaire by not responding, but he cannot escape his voting record. In his brief tenure in office, Rep. Kalin voted to protect life only 8% of the time. Below is a partial list of his anti-life votes.

-Kalin voted in favor of human cloning and embryo killing.
-Kalin voted in favor of taxpayer funding of abortion.
-Kalin voted against hospital admitting privileges for post-abortive women.
-Kalin voted to allow surrogate mothers to be forced into abortion.
-Kalin voted in favor of grants for abortion advocates.

Check out www.mccl.org for a detailed description of each vote. Or go straight to MCCL’s Legislative Accountability page: http://www.mccl.org/NETCOMMUNITY/Page.aspx?pid=335&srcid=183