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Sunday, August 03, 2008

It Could Not Have Been Said Better!

"As usual, Jeremy Kalin has no answer other than to raise taxes and blame the Governor."

"Jeremy, gas is already costing my family enough - thank you for the extra tax."

----Signed - "Todd" in a letter-to-the-editor, ECMPost Review newspaper, July 27, 2008


Anonymous said...

"Todd" might just as well have included Senator Olseen in his letter to the editor because Olseen and Kalin are the tax-increase team for the DFL in this District.

Anonymous said...

For the record, these remarks could not have come from the Post Review, which doesn't have a July 27 edition.

It is a comment left at the online site on this story.

Anonymous said...

An "anonymous" response to the earlier "Anonymous" who disagreed with freedomwriter's August 3, 2008posting in which "Todd" was quoted in a letter-to-the-editor using the date of July 27, 2008 - here is what you should note that verifies "Todd's" message in the Post Review: (quote)"FOLLOWING MARYBETH SWANSON'S COMMENTARY TITLED "PUBLIC PROTESTS AT COUNTY BOARD MEETING" --- PUBLISHED IN THE ECMPR THERE WERE TWO COMMENTS BY MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC (printed) ONE OF WHICH WAS SIGNED BY "Todd" UNDER DATE OF JULY 27, 2008 WHEREIN "TODD" ASSERTS THAT - quote: "AS USUAL, JEREMY KALIN HAS NO ANSWERS OTHER THAN TO RAISE TAXES AND BLAME THE GOVERNOR. JEREMY, GAS IS ALREADY COSTING MY FAMILY ENOUGH, THANK YOU FOR THE EXTRA TAX!"

Anonymous said...

My point, and perhaps it wasn't clear, is that Todd's remarks could not have appeared in the printed version of the Post Review, since it has no editions published on Sundays.

As such, Todd's remarks are mis-characterized as a "letter to the editor," because they never appeared in a letter to the editor section of the printed newspaper.

Rather, they are a "comment" that appeared in a comment section of the online newspaper website.

I point this out only because there is a difference between a letter to the editor and a comment. LTEs have a bit more gravitas and must be published using a full name and location.

The incorrect characterization of Todd's remarks, although completely understandable in this print/online world, could be used against this blog as a sign of inaccuracy.

That would be a shame. As conservatives we want to be as accurate as possible at all times. Because of that, and only because of that, I suggest it would be in your, and the blogs, best interest to put up a small correction noting Todd's remarks were a comment at the website, not an official letter to the editor.

Thank you.