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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Smiling All the Way to Socialist Enslavement

Obama, the darling of the Leftist/Socialist media, has said that it is "time for a change." But that same Obama is careful never to divulge or define or explain what that change will consist of if he should become President.

Like Castro in the 50's, Obama presents himself to the American people as an amiable fellow who hides behind a broad smile and a glad hand. And, of course, the socialist media hype him to the hilt but reality will be of an entirely different kind if he should be elected.

Obama has all the qualities of a dictator and that toothsome smile can change in an instant and the other side of who he really is will be discovered only after it is too late.

Already Obama is "dictating" the terms of discussion centering about him. You can't talk about his wife, his family, his preacher, his most liberal record of all time in the Senate, you can't talk about his trafficking with extremely questionable characters over the years, you can't discuss his extremely limited qualifying experience and on and on one could go.

Any other candidate for the presidency is always subject to fine-tooth-comb examination But not Obama - close examination of him and his history is forbidden territory.

In short, Obama has nothing to offer by way of experience that would qualify him for the high office of President of the United States and to elect him would be a national disaster.

One can only hope that the American people will have sense enough to not elect this smiling socialist cum ?? If the people don't have that sense then, like the people of Cuba and other socialist countries, they will have to remember with sadness that they were warned.


Anonymous said...

I think in that last paragraph you meant to say socialist "scum"...might want to fix that :)

freedomwriter said...

The word "scum" would work, too, but the choice of the Latin word "cum" - "with" was deliberate thus: "with socialists or even more or worse."