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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Franken Update

Speaking of his delinquent taxes, Al Franken asserted, "Our accountant made a mistake, and Franni and I relied on our accountant and he made a mistake. And I am fixing it and making it right."

How did the experienced Franken ever think that explanation would fly when even the "dumb jocks" have to pay taxes in most every state in which they play ball? Even the most inexperienced, tax unaware rookie will pay taxes in most every state in which he plays. They have accountants for that. This accountant at American Thinker explains why it is very likely Franken directed his accountant to file his taxes the way they were as we alluded may be the case. The accountant likely did not make any mistake; it was most likely at Franken’s direction.

Franken’s woes may have only begun. The accountant explains,

Since Franken's [sic] has become a high profile case, some of the nonresident states involved may well look back further than 2003. It is a given among Directors of Revenue that nothing encourages compliance more than a news story about a famous non filer having to pay back taxes, interest and penalties.

Franken may have moved to Minnesota for nothing. That would be great!

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