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Friday, May 02, 2008

Illegal Immigration, or How to get more Democrats elected

You have to wonder if some of our bleeding heart supporters of the sanctuary cities, illegal immigration and over all watering down of our once strong and vibrant society have had to use any public services lately. Kalin and Olseen should be at an age where they should begin to need some medical care, or take a parent (unless they have "people" to do that) to a doctor visit. As a member of the sandwich generation, I have had both sides, kids and elderly parents needing care in emergency situations from Mpls. to the northern tier hospitals. Would that either of these men could sit through the ordeal, listen to the Dr. and pharmacists venting when you finally get through the immigrants in front of you with no insurance.

Our medical and peace officers are being strained and stressed to pick up the slack that these politicians create. Just in one afternoon spent in the ER, the attending physician lost it, began swearing and slamming things around, as he got the call that another Somali cab driver was coming in for FREE MEDICAL care. He was furious, and asked anyone who would listen why they, and the politicians who support them, thought his services were so cheap. The officer who brought him in was angry, as he commisserated with the Dr. that immigrants do not need to learn the traffic rules, cannot read the signs, and are totally arrogant about their demands for immediate care, arguing that the other driver was at fault when witnesses provided plenty of testimony to the contrary. Insurance? talk to the cab company.

While Kalin and Olseen share the trait of arrogance with these people, let them experience just a month of taking care of a sick family member through our declining medical systems. Wait in line at an in-house pharmacy for three hours for one .75 cent pain killer, while the mass in front of you gets their hundreds of dollars of prescriptions for free. Have the pharmicist apologize and vent on you how they can't handle it anymore, they are soo sorry your loved one had to wait in line, obviously sick, while the party went on in line with the laughter, cell phone conversations and rude behaviours created by democratic largesse. Would an acknowledgement of how incredible America is with this treatment of the poor (Palm cell phones, SUV waiting outside), a tiny show of gratitude instead of arrogance, change my perception? I am naive enough to think maybe, but I won't hold my breath. My ancestors came here, worked the farms as indentured servants, rose through education, and gave my generation a future on their backs. This new wave wants it all now.

The immigrant of the past came with humble expectation, dreams and a burning desire to work to become American. The immigrant of today comes with arrogance, expectations of immediate gratification and the nod and a wink that they do not need to become American, just reap the benefits of the system. You do not need to learn the language, assimilate in the schools, learn our culture, or adopt our civility. A generalization, yes. But one the past months has impressed on me over and over. The strident cry of give me, give me, give me, and get out of my way while I take it. This is not what my great grandparents gave up everything for, and I am angry that Kalin and Olseen can be selfish enough to glibly give it all away. People like them will never see the truth of the situation they are creating.


Anonymous said...

Mongoose, "I feel your pain," Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill for stopping by to comment on our blog. I didn't know you were reading it.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that you not only attack illegal immigrants but legal ones. I don't care how frustrated you are, it does not justify your generalization of the Somali community. I have worked with the Somali community on the West Bank of Minneapolis and to describe them in the way that you have can only be described as racist. I don't want to waste my time by responding to this post but I came across this site because I was considering voting for Don Taylor and this was a link on his page. I agree that there are deep problems with immigration in our country but your rant is pure racism and if Don Taylor would be directly linked to your site this deeply troubles me.

Elephant Herd said...


Racism is the hatred or intolerance of another race.

Mongoose did not express personal hatred for any race. Mongoose reported the frustration that an ER physician had with “another Somali cab driver” receiving free medical care and we do not know if that doctor is truly racist. You need to read the post more carefully, especially noting the statement that Mongoose said the ER physician “lost it.”

Furthermore, Mongoose decried the behavior and attitudes of illegal immigrants, not their ethnicity. If such is racism, then you are a racist because you attacked Mongoose on behavior and attitudes. If that is the direction you want to take, you must abdicate all rights to make any criticism whatsoever. Or if you choose to make criticism, then you must be a racist.

I hope you can get past your perceived racism and recognize Mongoose’s frustration with payers having to take a backseat to illegal immigrants who get free health care. This is a problem that the DFL has fostered.

Please note that Mongoose expressed the underlying frustration with politicians like Kalin and Olseen who have created this monstrous mess.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bill,
I didn't know you could read!