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Friday, May 02, 2008


"Poor Al Franken" - No, not poor fiscally of course for Al Franken is a rich man who can afford it, but "poor Al" in the sense that one could be brought to feel compassion for him for the hefty taxes and penalties he has had to cough up to pay the government(s) in his most recent "dust up" with the revenue agencies of government that he has experienced with the so-called "mistakes" of his accountant.

That it was a simple accounting error is of course a bit of a stretch, yes, quite a bit of a stretch, for if he wants to be a U. S. Senator the current problems that have arisen do not speak well for his supervisory abilities. On the other hand, just think of the purchases he could have made with the $70,000 dollars taxes and penalties he has had to pay so far and that those purchases would have gone to pay some worker's wages. Instead the greedy government gobbled up the money.

That's the way it is with taxes. Government gobbles up the money!

So, there's an urgent message here that needs to be learned by Al's local friends, Representative Kalin and Senator Olseen who seem not able or free or willing to resist the temptation to tax whatever they can and for as much as they can as in the case of Kalin's and Olseen's votes for the onerous and so-called "transportation bill" and its multiples of taxes.

These taxes, no matter how you dress them up, are horrendous burdens on the backs of the taxpayers of this District most of whom do not have the resources of the Al Frankens of this world. Clearly, even rich Al Franken or his "accountant" must have thought Franken's taxes were too high! Olseen and Kalin are you listening?

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