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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Murmur Versus Uproar - An Important Difference

Senator RICK OLSEEN, host for a DFL party at Olseen's rural Harris house earlier this year celebrating the presence of U. S. senate candidate AL FRANKEN, is quoted by ECM Capitol reporter T. W. Budig on May 01, 2008 as declaring that OLSEEN "reports not hearing many murmurs in his (Olseen's) District over Franken's taxes."

OLSEEN is probably right on both counts in that quote: First, Franken's problem is not over Franken's taxes but over Franken's failure to pay his taxes and second, that failure didn't result in murmurs it resulted in a public uproar that has not subsided.

This attempted parsing of words by Olseen in this matter is reminiscent of deated former DFL Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson's famous comment that he "shaved the truth!"

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