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Friday, May 23, 2008

Look Out OPEC!

The US Congress aims to sue OPEC.

The failed energy policy of US lawmakers is coming home to haunt them. Blocking the ability to drill for oil in ANWR and large areas off-shore, plus restrictions so tough that no oil refineries have been built for thirty years (we import 20% of refined gasoline), has put US lawmakers in a bind. Gasoline and diesel fuel prices have skyrocketed and are adding costs to every other area of life.

Rather than create the opportunity to increase domestic supply, just sue foreigners. They are the problem, not our lawmakers.

What else can a bunch of lawyers do? No wonder there are so many lawyer jokes. OPEC will now be coming up with more than a few.

Lawyer politicians must do something to show they are helping and are not themselves the problem. How nice of them! If this legislation passes, these lawyers will be spending our money to try to get OPEC to reduce their income. In the end, these lawyers will have spent more of our money than if they left it alone. So gas will cost us more. Brilliant! Just brilliant!

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