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Friday, May 02, 2008


Our State Representative Jeremy Kalen and our State Senator Rick Olseen were joyed by the presence of Al Franken at the DFL party at the Olseens just a few weeks back. Will this dynamic DFL leadership duo now reciprocate for AL FRANKEN by giving him the kindly advice to fire his accountant who "made a mistake" - a mistake that stretches from New York to California and apparently 17 or so places in between? A mistake that involves thousands of dollars of money that was owed to the government!

Or will Olseen and Kalen just lay low now for the time being hoping that it will all blow over? We're waiting! Impatiently - because it affects them and says something about them too!

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Anonymous said...

Olseen spoke to the Hometown Source, and said basically that he was glad no one is really paying attention to the election cycle yet.