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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Caption Needed

Let's have a couple of laughs. Try your hand at writing a caption for this picture and send it via comments. Here's mine:

Donkey Party Loses Traction
Because of Excessive Tax Load

Added Caption

Hey Rudolph!
Quit trying to play Santa Claus with my money!


Pamela said...

Well I could fly! If only they wouldn't put so much stuff on the wagon!

Anonymous said...

Minnesota donkey, "I'm not crossing that bridge! Jeremy, get off the back!"

chisagomama said...

When it comes to spending, Democrats always have their feet on the ground,

Anonymous said...

Who says this tax load is too heavy?

Anonymous said...

Hey, lady, quick take a look...am I a boy or a girl?

Teaparty said...

This stunt in no way contributed to the rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.