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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Special Legislative Session

DFL leaders seek quick special session
Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller and House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher offer to drop a gas-tax hike from their session agenda.
By Mark Brunswick

"DFL legislative leaders said Tuesday they're ready to abandon a more comprehensive special session to focus on last month's Interstate 35W bridge collapse and the massive floods in southeastern Minnesota. They also suggested a willingness to drop advocacy of a gas-tax increase."



It was obvious many liberals were drooling for pork at the thought of a special session. Governor Pawlenty has wisely refused to allow the pigs access to the public trough in an uncontrolled special session. When will liberals ever learn that "Dems gone (hog)wild" are a menace to society? Perhaps the Democrat leadership is learning a little moderation as noted in this article.

During the recent Minnesota State Fair, 58% of those participating in the 2007 House of Representatives poll support raising the state’s gas tax by a dime. But 58% also supported the medical use of marijuana, which may indicate this poll drew more liberals.

The Taxpayers League of Minnesota also conducted a poll at the state fair. The results may indicate it drew more fiscal conservatives.

  • 82% of respondents don’t want a gas tax increase
  • 7% would like to see a nickel increase
  • 7% would like to see a dime increase
  • 4% could not decide

Our own thoroughly scientific poll on Chisago is GOP shows 100% opposition to raising the gas tax! And we are not biased in the least! That must have convinced the Dem leaders.

But seriously, the Governor's more reasonable approach is winning the day.

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