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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More "Transportation" Pork

Funding for bridges served with side of pork
Senate set aside $1 billion for worn spans -- and $2.5 billion for "earmarks."
By Kevin Diaz

Bridges are aging and rusting all over the country, but if Congress has its way, Las Vegas will get a history museum out of the Senate-approved transportation and housing bill soon headed to President Bush.

North Dakota will get $450,000 for its Peace Garden on the Canadian border, while Montana will see funding for a minor-league baseball stadium in Billings. So too will Minnesota get $250,000 in the House version -- for bike trails.

The U.S. Senate bill does contain an extra $1 billion for bridge repair. But the amount set aside for pet transportation and community projects would be more than double that: In all, 843 new congressional "earmarks" totaling $2.5 billion.

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While federal pork continues to outpace maintenance dollars for bridge repairs, the Governor of Minnesota kept the Dems from filling the special session with pork. The Dems can’t wait for the next half year to fly by before the regular session commences so they can legislate more taxes.

Click here for information on the financial aid package passed in special session for flood relief. Some state money was appropriated to get federal funds for the I-35 bridge.

See this information for a listing of private donations for flood relief, Minnesotans helping Minnesotans. And wonder of wonders, it is voluntary!

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Elephant Herd,

Please keep it up!! People should know about these abuses. Where can we read more about Congressman O. and his bike trails.