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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Successful Reagan Day Dinner

The Chisago County Republicans enjoyed a special evening together, being energized to take our county back from leftist, liberal, Democrat representation in the Capitol. We are all visualizing the targets on the backs of the representative and senator.

We wish to acknowledge Ron Carey, our Republican State Party Chair, for his support. He was exuberant over the large number of attendees. Chisago County is on the state party’s map!

Thanks to Rep. Rob Eastlund (R-17A) for his kind words and encouragement. Sean Nienow, representing US Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, charged us with staying on target by adhering to conservative principles. Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman passed along his message through his representatives.

House Minority Leader, Marty Seifert (R-21A), rallied the troops with his economic statistics. Thank you Pete Nelson for being master of ceremonies. You made the event work!

Conservative talk show host, Jason Lewis, was on top of his game, presenting the necessity of jettisoning the leftist, neo-Marxist redistribution of wealth that enthralls so many, but will destroy us. Jason Lewis was well-received by all of us who appreciate him for articulating conservative principles via KTLK 100.3 fm radio. His humor excelled that of the laughable comedian, Al Franken, from air-head radio.

Thanks to the many fellow Republicans from Wisconsin for attending. Also a large group of Talk Spot bloggers, who appreciate Jason Lewis, honored us with their presence. It is good to see so many young conservatives.

It is greatly encouraging to see so many of our Chisago County Republican friends and neighbors rally around a common cause. Thank you for coming and making this evening special. This event was successful because each of you, individually, chose to come and so many of you sold tickets.

Thank you Taylors Falls Republicans for hosting an event that attracted the interest of so many conservatives. Thank you for a job well done. Thanks to those who donated items for door prizes and auction items.

Finally, Wild Mountain deserves thanks for the good accommodations and catering to our every need.

Success builds success. Mr. Right says, “Keep thinking right!”


Anonymous said...

How many people were at the dinner? There must have been a huge group. Jason Lewis for PRESIDENT!

Anonymous said...

Please continue to have these great events. We love them.

Elephant Herd said...

There were more than 200 guests at the dinner. Thanks for your encouragement and suggestion.

Elephants like to run in a herd so we must have more events. Maybe at the next event we will pin the tail on the donkey!

Anonymous said...

Not "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." How about a game of darts. I can think of some great targets!

Anonymous said...

Elephant Herd says elephants run in herds. That's true!! Have you ever seen a bunch of donkeys in a field? All they do is EAT. Remind you of anyone?
Chomp...your money...chomp...your money

TrunkLine said...

This is a great blog. Keep it up.

TrunkLine said...

I was just looking at the Chisago County DFL WebSite. They are having a dinner and auction. The tickets are $25.00. Is this just a coincidence? I THINK NOT! I think you have them on the run.

chisagomama said...

I'm just trying to figure this thing out.

chisagomama said...

Hey, I finally figured out how to do this. It is really great. I love the comments. Elephant Herd, you are doing a wonderful job. I too, am pleased with the Reagan Day Dinner. We had a fabulous success. Our bank account is getting healthy. There couldn't be better news. People seem very ready for 2008. And so am I.

Zsa Zsa said...

Hello Fellow GOP's
My husband and I attended with several friends and were extremely happy about the turnout. It was a terrific dinner and what better speakers could one ask for. They were are INSPIRING. Let's keep the momentum going to 2008 Election Day