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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sticking to a Lie

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) lied on the Senate floor, asserting that Rush Limbaugh insulted the military by calling them phony soldiers. Pick up on the story here, here and here.

Millions heard Limbaugh identify one man, Jesse MacBeth as a pretender, a phony soldier. Of course, Rush Limbaugh is commonly recognized across the political spectrum as a right-winger who defends the military. So why would Harry Reid attack Limbaugh, knowing his assault is a lie?

Being in a constant state of depression, liberals must do something–anything–to feel good. It made Reid feel good to attack Limbaugh just like it made the president of Columbia University, Lee Bollinger, feel good to attack Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Bollinger’s assault had substance, but it just felt good for Harry to attack Rush even though he knows the charge is empty. Evil Rush just needs to be blasted in return for all the critique Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gets almost daily on the Rush Limbaugh show. Harry stood up to Rush; that’ll show ’em. A smear will empower the base by making them feel good too. Throw in some diversion to get the attention off his failures and Reid can feel good about himself again.

For liberals, the severity of the charge, not the truth of the charge, is all that matters. Stack proof upon proof to demonstrate the charge is ludicrous, and Reid will still hammer the severity of the charge. Liberals do not live in the same moral world that we do. They live as if truth means nothing to them. Right and wrong do not exist. A lie has the moral equivalence of the truth.

But liberals are caught in a vicious circle. Tossing out baseless charges makes them feel good. But there is this little thing called a conscience–God given and impossible to eradicate–that bothers them when they lie. That is why they are so depressed. (Harry Reid’s tortured face tells it all. Rush Limbaugh is a happy person, with a clear conscience.) Telling feel good lies elevates them out of depression, only that nagging conscience cries out again and brings more depression!

Limbaugh does not need others to bolster him in his analysis of politics because he rests his case on evidence in a real world. Reid needs the rush that comes from using the bully pulpit of the Senate floor before his fellow religionists who stroke his ego and salve his conscience. Harry needs the ever-expanding chorus of those who chant the same lie because they too have drunk the liberal kool-aid from their common communion cup. Adoption and repetition of the empty charge by others validates it. Harry can’t stand alone. Rush can.

October 3 Update

Check here for the continuing saga of the Crush Rush drama as chronicled by Michelle Malkin. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is among the 41 Democrats who signed Reid's denounciation of Rush Limbaugh.

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