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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Economic Commentary

Tax-Happy Dems Jeopardize U.S. Economy
Now is not the time for tax hikes.
By Deroy Murdock

"Now that recession-warning lights have begun to blink, Democrats should give tax hikes a rest."

Minnesota Democrats, please read more... Thank you!


French Revolution
Sarkozy takes on the welfare state.

"Unveiling his domestic reform agenda in Paris Tuesday, Nicolas Sarkozy called for "a new social contract" for France. His proposed revision of French socialist tradition going back to Jean-Jacques Rousseau is nothing short of revolutionary. His ability to deliver will make or break his presidency."

Minnesota Democrats might learn something from the French. Please read more...


Uncle Sam: Subprime Lender
An ill-conceived plan to place taxpayers atop the housing bubble.

"This week the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a plan to erase billions of dollars of subprime loan defaults in the private mortgage industry. How? By making taxpayers responsible for future losses."


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