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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Who Represents this District?

I have searched the legislative record high and low for accomplishments achieved by out local elected representatives in this district. Mr. Kalin and Mr. Olseen have left virtually no distinct impression in St. Paul as to having helped in any way. As a constituent of this district, I expect my representatives to not only represent this district, but contribute in plans that will keep our state on the path to a brighter future.

Both of our elected representatives went to St. Paul this past session and received their marching orders from the DFL leadership. I could not find one distinction that either of these two gentlemen represented our district in any manner other than listed as our elected officials in the state register. In fact, I’m not sure that I can even say that it appeared as though they actually represented the constituents of this district at all.

The DFL majority had a plan this session and it was very obvious. The plan wasn’t to attempt to repair the financial situation at the capital, it was to throw together a budget that included tax increases and massive increases in spending. They sent that bill to the governor expecting that he would veto it and they would have their cannons filled with fodder for the next election cycle. Fortunately our governor decided to use the power given to him and fix the budget presented. Right, wrong, or indifferent, he did what needed to be done and in doing so proved himself to be a great leader.

Our legislators in this district played along with this DFL game of cat and mouse and marched right in step with the DFL majority that has created the over taxing and overspending situation that this state has found itself in. Businesses are fleeing this state as quickly as they can, jobs are gone, fuel taxes are being piled on, real estate taxes are out of control, and our legislators have made no contributions to attempt to bring this budget into reality.

How can the voters in this district sit by and allow this to continue? It’s my contention that the voters in this district are ready to support candidates with fresh ideas, ideas that will provide a bright economic future for our district and for our state. In the next election cycle, let us provide candidates that will aggressively push for reform in St. Paul, not be afraid to be heard at the capital, regardless of party line or pressure from those so entrenched in the leadership in the halls of our capital. It is my true belief that a single voice in politics can be heard if it is the voice of reason and it is truly the voice that represents the people.

We have a golden opportunity in this next election cycle, we can find candidates who are truly electable as representatives of the people, by the people, for the people, or we can promote candidates who list their primary occupation as ‘legislators.’


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