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Sunday, July 05, 2009

DFL "Blame Game"

The DFL legislators are engaged state-wide, media-wide in their typical "blame game" tactic following their absolutely abysmal failure in the recent past legislative session.

They failed miserably as statesmen and lawmakers - and that clearly includes our own Jeremy Kalin and our own Rick Olseen as Representative and Senator respectively - in their principal duty as legislators which is to produce a balanced budget for the State.

For months - really through the entire Session - the DFL squabbled and argued and lied and deceived and came up with unconscionable proposals that the Governor simply had to veto to protect the taxpaying public.

And then, the DFLers and their local mistaken minions attempt to mask their own failure and gross incompetence by focusing "blame" on the Governor for carrying out gubernatorial responsibilities that are clearly and legally his to "unallot" portions of the proposed budget.

The Governor was/is obliged to do what the LEGISLATURE FAILED TO DO - namely have a budget in balance. And this he has done legally, constitutionally, necessarily through the "unallotment process."

There can be no blame legitimately ascribed or assigned to the Governor for doing what the process absolutely obligated him to do. The legislature did not balance the budget so the Governor had to do it - let that fact sink in folks!

The Governor was not "mean" or "unfair" or "illegal" in his actions. Bylaw and by state constitution the budget had to be balanced. There are two entities that can accomplish that: 1) the LEGISLATURE or 2) the GOVERNOR by the unallotment process.

The legislature failed whereupon the Governor acted! That is how it works!

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