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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chisago County Parade

Everyone loves a parade, right? As one fellow volunteer noted, thank goodness for global warming, it was the coolest parade in years! Passing out stickers for Sean Nienow, many of the people on the chairs and sidewalks throughout the route asked the question "which party?" We were comparing responses at the end, and found that 'conservative' was very well accepted, and even Republican, in the heart of the DFL! We can only hope that the mass insanity which helped to elect the current regime is subsiding.
In Minnesota, when you drive on the ice, our learned elders taught us to drive slowly..that speed creates a wave that can come back and crack the ice, sinking you and your vehicle. Let us hope that the Democratic party feels the repercussions of the speed in which they are driving our country into an icy hole, and the wave comes back to sink their plans of a socialistic society for all but their ruling caste.

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Sean Nienow said...

Every time I've been asked about party affiliation at a parade this year, and answered either Conservative, Republican or GOP; not only was the response generally positive but about two-thirds of the time people actually cheered and raised their hands in the air!

The winds are blowing. We just need to make sure our sails are up to catch it. Keep your eyes Starboard, mates...