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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tyranny Vs. Liberty

The next election cycle in this state is going to prove to be more important than in recent history. The record deficit due to the local and national economic situation has left our state government in poor condition from an economic perspective as we all are aware. My compliments and thanks to Gov. Pawlenty for defending the taxpayers and using the powers of his elected office to make some tough decisions and work through the budget as best as could be expected.

The current legislature has failed us all as constituents, they failed to forward a reasonable balanced budget as required and would have increased taxes across the board for us all if left to their desires.

It is time that we as the conservatives in this state unite. Governor Pawlenty is not going to be there to avert disaster next time and the economic situation in this country and in this state suggest strongly that there will in fact be a next time to state budget crisis.

We as conservatives need to speak out loud and clear, we stand for liberty, personal freedom, fiscal responsibility, respect for law, and traditional family values. Every one of these values is under attack from the left in this country and in this state. The core principles on which this country was founded are under attack and there is an obvious attempt to kill democracy as it was intended by our founders. The current administration at the federal level, and the DFL majority in St. Paul is convinced that bigger, more controlling government is what the people desire.

We are approaching a tyrannical level in government and we need to remind the people that we as conservatives stand for liberty, the kind of liberty that stands up to tyranny and protects individual freedom. The freedom and liberty that we enjoy in this country is unlike any other in the world.

As conservatives we have a responsibility to move away from this ‘center’ we have found ourselves embracing. We need to refrain from compromising the core principles that our party was founded on and embrace the ideology of conservatism. I am convinced that the majority in our country, our state, and our district will rally with us to take back our freedoms from the tyranny that has grasped control in our governments.

We cannot afford complacency, our time to act is now or we risk losing every bit of freedom that has been granted to us by our founders and by the men and women who have given their lives to protect.

After all, We are Party of the American Dream.

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