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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who Needs Sex Education?

The latest legislation passed by the Democrats in St. Paul is a real corker. Our Democrat friends are now requiring MORE sex education in our schools, the one thing our kids seem to know about BEFORE the classroom. The legislation requires that there be an EMPHASIS on abstinence, whatever that means.

What appalls me most is NOT the fact that our kids are being fed information by teachers who may or may not share my values (although that concerns me). It’s NOT even that once again the legislature is making decisions that are better made by parents and the local school boards (although this concerns me). What really pops my cork the most is that the legislature used their valuable time to discuss this, AT ALL!!! I am also galled by the knowledge that once again, they are requiring one more non-academic class where no reading, writing, or arithmetic is being taught! If there are many more of these non-academic classes, we will soon be faced with two alternatives: 1) Shall we require 14 years to finish what is now K – 12? 2) Shall we require year-round school? Somehow we are going to have to squeeze in a little learning.

Now, let’s talk about cost. Our representatives continue to promise us “property tax relief.” How are they going to accomplish this promise if they continue to heap mandates on the local schools? Who pays? Property taxpayers, that’s who!

The legislature’s idea of property tax relief is to raise income tax, raise gas tax and raise sales tax and give some of it back to the local governments. That’s like giving a dying man a transfusion from one arm to the other with a leaky hose!!!

Please, Mr. Kalin and Mr. Olseen, come to your senses!! Stop playing politics and get to work on the real issues facing Minnesota and Chisago County.

Start talking about real education. Start taking about real health care reform. Start talking about wasteful spending. Start talking about really CUTTING taxes. And Jeremy, start paying property taxes, yourself!

OK, I’m going to take a deep breath now!


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