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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Olseen/Kalin/and the DFL use a stock Cover-up Speech & Explanation

Senator Rick Olseen (DFL) & Representative Jeremy Kalin (DFL) have a stock "explanation" and "excuse" that they regularly use to attempt to cover up their own failures and incompetence in representing us in the Minnesota legislature.

In one way or another Rick and Jeremy, and the other DFLers in the legislature, use that stock "explanation and excuse" every time they meet the public or write their columns for the hometown media. They say "the Governor failed . . . ." Or they say that they are "disappointed that the Governor . . . . "

Hey, Rick and Jeremy, your pointing out the other person's shortcomings is just an old worn-out political trick that has been used as a convenient way to cover up your own failures.

After all, your DFL currently has the majority in both Houses of the legislature and so for the DFL it can't get any better than that!

And so it is inexcusable, Rick and Jeremy, that you simply aren't getting the job done for us back here at home.

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