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Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Random Observation

Looking back on the political columns and press releases from Senator Rick Olseen and Rep. Jeremy Kalin, I have an observation to make. Neither politician fully writes his own material. They tap into a party line database of talking points in written blubs, string a few pre-worded thoughts together and drop it on us.

When challenged, they do not step forward with clarification and certainly not any admission of error. Even worse, they do not learn from the critiques to sharpen their next press release. The next press release has just as many holes in it as the previous ones and comes from the same St. Paul liberal well.

They rely on DFL party writers to create the drivel on various topics and then string it together with some of their own words. This is how their written work reads. It’s not their own writing. It’s patchwork. They don’t realize all the pieces do not fit into a whole cloth. A piece snatched from database 3, combined with a paragraph from pigeonhole 7 just does not fit.

The result is political hash. Neither of these men would write this way if they were writing about a non-political topic. Take Olseen’s piece for example. He communicates in a fresh way a non-political message that is important to him. All the pieces in that story are part of him. He assembled them together in an understandable way because they are part of him. For that, I give him an "A."

Our Senator and Representative have left real-speak and adopted political-speak. They are not their normal selves. They have quickly learned the alien language of DFL political-speak and political-write and thus they can no longer communicate with Chisago County residents. For that, I give them an "F."

All the canned hash of DFL political-write is long on assertions and short on evidence. They speak ex cathedra in political-speak and expect us to be impressed. When their unsubstantiated assertions are challenged, there is silence. Political-write is one-way communication, which is neither understandable nor communication.

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