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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Peter Principle and Kalin/Olseen

The Peter Principle is a description of people who "rise to their level of incompetence." That is what has happened in the case of Representative Kalin and Senator Olseen. In short, they are way over their heads in the Minnesota legislature - they have risen to their level of incompetence. Oh, they were good candidates all right. They smiled "purty." They attended all kinds of events. They got their pictures "took" in all kinds of situations. They campaigned hard. Kalin boasts that he knocked on some 10,000 or so doors. He supposedly wore out several pairs of shoes doing so - the number of pairs worn out varies by which story you read. And, yes, they got themselves elected.

But then the Peter Principle took over. Kalin and Olseen simply can't do the job for the District. They seek to cover their incompetence by being "disappointed with the Governor" for almost everything that comes along. They don't comprehend the fact that a Governor doesn't pass any bills. Only the legislature passes bills.

Meanwhile "back in North Branch" the bridge is still not built. "Back in North Branch" the Post Review headline for the April 16 issue reads ominously "NB schools: 3 phases of cuts = ouch." "Back in Chisago County" the roads are busting up." And on and on the litany of "incompetent" representation in the legislature continues.

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